Buy Stock in GOOGLE, Microsoft, FaceBook only $1

Last year, Netflix stock was $80 per share. Now it’s $160 per share. 

If you had bought only 1 share, you would’ve doubled your money!
$160 too high? Buy fractions of stock: ⅒ of a share is just $16.
You don’t have to be a stock market expert.
It’s done online quick & easy in a few clicks.
Buy the lowest fraction of a share you can afford,
starting at only $1 for any stock.

Pick a stock in any company and a dollar amount, as low as $1. 
Pay with your debit or credit card. Only 99¢ a trade, and no monthly fees.
Buy stock, watch it online, when stock rises - sell & profit!
Choose from successful, well-known companies:
Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, Wal-mart, Ebay,
Coca-Cola, Facebook, Twitter, Nintendo, Dell, Kindle, Nestle.

Visit stockpile to read more and if you click this link you get $5 free when you invest just $10 in stock. US residents only.


Want to buy whole shares but not pay trading fees of $1?
Okay, there's another trading company with an app for that! 
After you click the link I provide below, you get one free stock 
once you open & fund your trading account from your bank online. 
Money deposited is available immediately! 
No waiting 3-5 days for the transfer to complete.  

  Start buying stock instantly and pay no commission fees to buy & sell. As suggested previously, pick the companies with the best track record, that are being used by people nationwide and worldwide: computers, software, social networks, retail. 
  For the no-fee trading platform, you must have a device to install the trading app. You can sign up on your computer, but need the app-enabled device to trade. You can watch the stock market in real time, updated in seconds, on your device. I use my iPad mini. There are multiple screens to view and buy stocks and you can slide your finger across the screen to review the timelines. Some photo examples:

Read more about robinhood's app here. Using that link will get you a free stock.
US residents only, but plans for a global app is in the works for later 2017.

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