iTunes FAQ

if you are having a problem with itunes, cards, devices, etc, contact them and, from my experience, they are very good at responding within 24 hours.
to make a general comment or suggestion to the company-
request iTunes to make a song, tv show, etc available for download-

make separate itunes libraries or accounts on 1 pc: in this link, where it says 'hold down the shift key', continually hold it down while clicking the files until the little dialog box opens. also, you can use the same credit card or US paypal account to open different itunes accounts if you use unique email addresses or log-in ID's for each account .
you can share music between different itunes accounts if the accounts are on the same pc:

create an account on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (iOS 3.0 or later required).-
set-up email account for ipod/iphone/ipad:

sync music:
sync videos:
sync photos:

movies are viewable on Mac or Windows pc using iTunes 7.6 or later, iPhone/iPod touch/iPod nano 3rd/4th gen, iPod classic or on TVs using AppleTV. broadband internet required. you have 30 days after downloading a movie to begin viewing. Once you begin viewing, you have 24hrs left to finish viewing the movie; view it unlimited times for 24hrs.

create apps: it's costly and time-consuming to write codes for apps. if you don't know how or don't have the money, here's a site that can create your app with no up-front cost. they can submit it to itunes and split the profits with you: . if you want to create an app yourself for personal use (not on itunes), you can do that here for free:

close account- you can't do it yourself. you must contact itunes and ask them to disable the account. however, by disabling it, you won't be able to access your downloads. save all your downloads onto a disc before disabling/cancelling an itunes account.

use one account's money for other accounts or emailing a download to someone: you can buy items & have iTunes to email the download link to a friend- or to yourself if you have different accounts. you can't use an itunes gift card balance to gift items- you must use a credit or debit card. you can't use one country's money for a different country's account. if the recipient is in a different country, they need to have a separate account to receive the download.

gift cardsscratched off some of the code? locate the serial number and contact Apple here and they'll email you the code. serial numbers may start with: GCA & have 16 digits; 60 & have 16 or 19 digits; EPY & have 14 digits; or PBH & have 22 digits.

itunes code generators: there is no code generator for the public to use. if you try those online, it will download destructive viruses to your pc.

re-downloading purchases:
find missing iTunes downloads:
back-up your itunes library onto a cd or dvd:

transfer stuff from your ipod/iphone to your pc: you don't need third party software to do this. it's easy and its free; here are the steps:

add content to your itunes from a cd or other items in your computer:

ipod "frozen":  get a new or used ipod here.

sync new songs without deleting other songs on your iPod: open iTunes, Select your iPod in the Source pane. Click the Summary tab. Click "Manually manage music and videos", Click OK then click Apply.


Buy Itunes codes US & Foreign

Hello Visitor, Below you will find links to buy iTunes card codes online and receive them by email. Various countries are available. See my other posts on how to buy itunes downloads from various countries, with no credit card needed to open an account.

April 2017: Paypal now sells U.S. itunes cards via eBay. Paypal is an eBay-authorized seller of digital gift codes and the most
 reliable seller online- always legitimate codes, delivered by email & no fee. 

If you are in the US, click here to buy $25, $50 and $100 US codes from Paypal.
FEBRUARY 10, 2018: pay only $85 for a $100 card. Feb 12 -This offer has expired. please visit again for the next deal. 
If you are outside the US, click here to buy US itunes codes from other trusted sellers.

You may also click the following links to buy: 

UK itunes codes: here
Japan itunes code: here
Australia itunes code: here
Canada itunes codes: here
German itunes codes: here
Hong Kong itunes codes: here

To all my faithful customers over the years: Due to much competition online, I can no longer make the profit needed to sell itunes codes. But your previous purchases greatly helped me financially to spay, feed, and doctor the stray cats where I live and work (which I continue to do). If you click on the above links to buy codes from other sellers, I will receive a few cents to fund my t-n-r efforts. Thank you, from Mary & the cats :)

Foreign Itunes & No CreditCard

These instructions will help you open any foreign (and local) itunes account if you don't have a credit card or any other form of payment. 
Then you can download free items from any country's itunes store (or buy a foreign itunes card to get paid downloads). But you need the appropriate account first. 
Click here for easy, detailed instructions.

Sell YOUR Song on iTunes

Don't let another year go by, record that song today. It's easier and less expensive than you think!
You can have your music placed in the iTunes store in just a few simple steps and available for sale within 2 business days. Here's a do-it-yourself guide to the easiest, low cost way to: get a song, record it, enhance it, and put it for sale in the Itunes store. Start today, and be listed in iTunes the day after tomorrow. Click here to read detailed step-by-step instructions for absolute beginners.
For those of you with a bit more experience recording:  If you try submitting your recording directly to Itunes, it will be months before it comes up in their queue, because they get thousands of submissions every day. And it's likely the song will be rejected for technical issues. It's far better and faster to upload it to a publisher who has an established business relationship with Itunes and can make sure your recording is download-ready. The best one I know of gets your song for sale in the Itunes store same day and they don't take a cut of your royalties. Click here to learn about their process.
Why wait any longer? Your song could be a hit - you'll never know until you try!

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