FAQ About My Sales

frequently asked questions:
Do you mail a physical iTunes Gift Card or just email the codes? as a matter of speed and convenience, my customers prefer that i email the code. mailing is too time-consuming for me considering the volume of sales i receive.
Where do you get your supply of cards or codes? i buy US codes from the itunes store online and wait for them to deliver the code to my email. if it takes them too long to deliver or there is an error processing my purchase, then i go to a local shop and buy physical US cards. for other country's cards, i buy them from foreign stores or my customers who live in foreign countries who email me the code.
Explain the prices. for US cards, i have to buy the card at face value and pay paypal fees when sold. non-US cards cost extra depending on how much profit the foreign supplier wants from me. I must sell cards higher to cover their fees and my paypal fees and currency conversion rates.
What if there is an error when redeeming? there should be no error when redeeming unless i mis-typed a letter or number. this happens sometimes when i'm typing sleepy, just email me and i'll look at the card again.
Do you offer refunds? i
do not offer refunds after the code has been redeemed into your account. however, if there is anything suspicious about a transaction, i will cancel the order, refund the payment, and no code will be sent.
Will anyone get in trouble? contrary to what the iTunes terms of service tries to imply, redeeming foreign itunes gift cards is not against any law. It is legally purchased and is used to pay for downloads. Apple only pursues those who 'steal' music by using illegal file sharing networks instead of buying from the itunes store.
Will codes expire in a certain time-frame? there is no expiration - that is always a sign of fraud if the seller says you must redeem within 24 hours or other timeframe.
What about those $50 itunes cards that sell for $20?
also fraud. the seller uses stolen credit cards to buy online certificates from itunes. when the owner of the credit card sees the fraudulent charges, they contact itunes for a refund. Apple can and does trace which account holder redeemed the code. using those codes can get your itunes account suspended. if the fraudulent seller used the credit card to open a paypal account to accept your payment, you'll have to cover the chargeback costs and may have your paypal account suspended.

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