excerpts from my email inbox.
Thanks Mary! Got it [Japan code] and worked perfectly! I will definitely be using your services again! Lucky - USA
What a godsend you are! Thank you so very much [for a UK code]! Will use your service again when I need it, for sure! -Brandi - USA

Thanks so much. [Australian code] worked perfectly! What a great service you provide. Jim - USA
Hello Mary, All fine with the code you have sent me :) Thanks so much!!! You just made my 7 year old son the happiest person ever (you know angry birds Rio). Your service is top of the range. Christos - Cyprus
Thanks a lot for the fast delivery. Because of you I was able to get those songs and apps which were not available in my country. Mohammad - India
Hey Mary, Thanks once again, you have no idea how grateful I am for the help and its nice to see there are still some honest peeps out there. Chad - South Africa
Awesome. Thanks so much Mary [for the German itunes card]. Can now buy an album that was only available on the German iTunes store !! Thanks, Adrian - USA
dear mary, this is great- managed to get hold of some educational programmes for my kids that were only available on us itunes. and thanks for all the info on how to make a us itunes account. best wishes, caroline - UK

Thanks a lot Mary, it actually worked and I am currently downloading my first ever song from the US itunes, u can't imagine how much this means to me. Alain - Canada
Dear Mary, thank so much for the quick delivery. you have yourself a very satisfied customer and i will be placing more orders very the cat photos. Nikki -Thailand
Thank YOU Mary! For a very quick service. Cheers, Terence -Belgium
Thanks heaps Mary, You rock. :) Cheers Tracie -Australia
mary, u got urself a new and loyal customer ;o) take care. patrick - Germany
Thank you for doing this so quickly. A++++ Service. It worked liked a charm! David - UK

Thank you very much and greetings from Finland! Everything worked great! -Antton
Thank you! Your service is invaluable to us folks living in 3rd world countries (well, that’s how Apple treats us!) cheers, Lisa - Australia
Thanks a lot Mary. I appreciate. Karim - Kuwait
Thanks Mary, great service! Greetings from Ireland, Rob

Thanks so much, Mary! Excited to download some Eurovision songs! :-) Derek - USA [German acct]
Got it and it worked, thanks! Senthil - India
Hello Mary, Thanks for setting up the UK itunes account. I am looking forward to making purchases. Rich - USA
Bless your cotton socks Mary, I now have Tom Tom Australia on my Iphone. Thanks again. Arnold - Thailand

Thank you so much for providing this great service. I'll definitely become a reoccurring customer!--Sincerely, Alexander - Malta
Thanks, I am very happy with the great service you provided!! ;) I will definately buy more! ;) Marcus - Singapore
Thanks Mary, Worked awesome & she will get a kick out of the user name "" very cool, thanks for taking the time to do that for me. Tracy - Canada
Thanks again Mary. Its good to have a safe, legal supplier. Love the cat photos :) Stian - Norway

Hi Mary, Thank you so much - it worked perfectly and I downloaded a few of my favourite TV shows today...FANTASTIC!! Many thanks, Melissa - Australia
Dear Mary, I confirm the validity of the code and will be shopping again soon. Florin - Denmark
Hi Mary, It worked great. Thank you very much! Ciprian - Romania
Thanks Mary, [card] works just fine and you now have a new recurring customer! Danne - Sweden

My kids would like to thank you very much. They are now enjoying the vids for Weird Al's Michael Jackson songs! Bronwyn - New Zealand
Thanks Mary! Worked great. Have a wonderful day :) Dan. - Spain

You Rang?


Anonymous said...

Very quick to email me the code and it did work. Would definitely recomend this service.. Thank you

Jon Stafford said...

Would you happen to have a link where one could get an iTunes Sweden gift card (or "presentkort," as they say på Svenska)?

Mary said...

no, sorry, jon, i haven't found a supplier from that country yet

irma san jose said...

Someone from other countries wants to give me an itunes card as a gift but we dont know how and what to do he is from netherland and im from philippines.. How can he buy me a card?

Mary said...

does he want to buy a philipine card? he needs to find it for sale on the internet and use his paypal or credit card to buy it and the seller mail it to you. if he wants to send u a nethrlnd card, he can buy it with his itunes account and email the code to you.

irma san jose said...

Tnx for the info...but he is asking me what currency of my coin credits in itunes. I already follow his instruction where to look at it but havent seen it.. I go straight to my app store or itunes app then scroll down then i will see mu balance on it.. But mine has no balance or any numbers with currency on it i told him maybe bcoz i havent used it yet or havnt loaded it yet. Can u help me on this one?

Mary said...

sorry i dont know about that

Andrew Thombs said...

Hi Mary

I am more than happy to be a supplier for you from the UK - not really fussed about making mountains of profit - as I also want to get US Itunes cards for my Apple TV (as you have much better content on the USA store than the UK Store) Let me know if this is something you are interested in


Mary said...

hi andrew, i have 2 reliable suppliers in the uk at this time. i hope you will return to my site in january 2nd when i will resume sales of US cards. thank you for your interest and happy new year!

Anonymous said...

how fast are the codes ?

i didnt get the confirmation mail and i havent got any other mail either :(

Mary said...

during waking hours, usually an hour or less. but i need your name and email to see if the payment went thru. reply with this info (it won't be published)

Federico Gutiérrez Parkinson said...

Hey Mary! Do you have Turkey iTunes codes?

Mary said...

i'm sorry federico, i have no suppliers of turkey's itunes code.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
just wondering how quick the codes are as I have just purchased a US one and have a flight in 6 hours.

Mary said...

hi, if you are a new customer, we do a verification check, to make sure its a legitimate purchase, so you should have the code within an hour or so if there are no issues. thanks for buying

kamal ogueboule said...

Hey mary just made a purchase and was wondering when will the code be sent

Mary said...

hi kamal, we're not online 24 hours a day, so purchases made after 10pm US time will be delivered in the morning. thank you for buying.

Maan Laddi said...

India gift card plz

Mary said...

hi maan, i'm sorry I don't have a supplier for indian cards

Scott said...

Hi Mary,

Trying to purchase a UK gift card via Paypal.

When I enter US information into your online form and jump to Paypal, Paypal denies the purchase saying that it cannot make a UK purchase with US dollars.


Mary said...

sorry, scott, never heard that before. I routinely buy from uk with my us account. but I sent your comment to my assistant who hopefully can figure out the issue.

Anonymous said...

hi mary, are you still selling 50 or 100 US ITunes card?

Mary said...

sometimes. those are usually sold out at the store I buy from. $25 cards are always available so that's why I don't have the 50 and 100 in the paypal button. email me if you want a 50 or 100.