iTunes frequently asked questions

So That's How You Make Acid Rock
contact iTunes - if you are having a problem with itunes, cards, devices, etc, contact them and, from my experience, they are very good at responding within 24 hours.
to make a general comment or suggestion to the company-
request iTunes to make a song, tv show, etc available for download-

itunes match - can be bought with gift card credit but there must be a credit card linked with the account.

make separate itunes libraries or accounts on 1 pc: in this link, where it says 'hold down the shift key', continually hold it down while clicking the files until the little dialog box opens. also, you can use the same credit card or US paypal account to open different itunes accounts if you use unique email addresses or log-in ID's for each account .

you can share music between different itunes accounts if the accounts are on the same pc:

use multiple ipods on 1 pc:

create an account on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (iOS 3.0 or later required).-

set-up email account for ipod/iphone/ipad:

opening an itunes account with no form of payment is allowed and explained at itunes' own website:

cancel itunes pre-orders: You can cancel a pre-order at any time before it goes live. 1. Open iTunes. 2. Go to the iTunes Music Store. 3. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the Account button. This button will typically show your email address. It may also say Sign In. 4. Sign in using the iTunes account name and password you used to pre-order the item. 5. Click on the Manage Pre-Orders button. If you don't have any pre-orders in the system, the Manage Pre-Orders button will not appear on this screen. 6. Click the Cancel button next to the item.

sync music:

sync videos:

sync photos:

movies are viewable on Mac or Windows pc using iTunes 7.6 or later, iPhone/iPod touch/iPod nano 3rd/4th gen, iPod classic or on TVs using AppleTV.
broadband internet required.
you have 30 days after downloading a movie to begin viewing.
Once you begin viewing, you have 24hrs left to finish viewing the movie; view it unlimited times for 24hrs.

apps can be downloaded to, but not used, on your computer. To use an application from the App Store, sync it to your iPod or iPhone.
also, most countries require a credit card to purchase apps and games. the UK and US accepts itunes gift cards for apps.

create apps: it's costly and time-consuming to write codes for apps. if you don't know how or don't have the money, here's a site that can create your app with no up-front cost. they can submit it to itunes and split the profits with you:
if you want to create an app yourself for personal use (not on itunes), you can do that here for free:

make a podcast - you can record from your computer with a webcam or microphone. click 'start' at the bottom of your screen, click 'all programs', click 'accessories', click 'entertainment', click 'audio recorder'.

all iPod click wheel games
all apps: .
all musicians and music:
all podcasts:

close account- you can't do it yourself. you must contact itunes and ask them to disable the account. however, by disabling it, you won't be able to access your downloads.
save all your downloads onto a disc before disabling/cancelling an itunes account.

use one account's money for other accounts or emailing a download to someone: you can buy items & have iTunes to email the download link to a friend- or to yourself if you have different accounts. you can't use an itunes gift card balance to gift items- you must use a credit or debit card. you can't use one country's money for a different country's account. if the recipient is in a different country, they need to have a separate account to receive the download.

instructions to redeem gifts

also, if you sent the link and it didn't arrive or it was deleted, you can re-send it:
for more details about gifting, scroll to the bottom of the page at this link :

gift cards: once redeemed, you can't enter the same gift card again either into the same account or a different account. you can't "split" the card over two accounts. you can redeem cards consecutively and they will add together. you don't have to spend it all at once- it does not expire. once all the money is spent, card is not re-loadable; you'll need to buy a new one.
scratched off some of the code
: locate the serial number and contact Apple here and they'll email you the code. serial numbers may start with: GCA & have 16 digits; 60 & have 16 or 19 digits; EPY & have 14 digits; or PBH & have 22 digits.

how to redeem card on iphone/ipad/ipod:
foreign gift cards: they are coded differently for each country. you can use foreign cards but it requires separate accounts; instructions to open foreign accounts are further down this page.

itunes code generators: there is no code generator for the public to use. if you try those online, it will download destructive viruses to your pc. even so, it would be fraud to use it to get priced downloads from iTunes.

if you moved to another country: click 'account' on the right side of the screen, then you'll see 'change country' under your address.
if you just want to change the store, not your address-- make sure you are on the main itunes page, scroll down to the very bottom and you'll see 'my store' and a flag, click on the country and you'll get a large list of countries to choose.
gift card balance: if you have a gift card balance in your account, it may prevent you from switching countries until it has all been spent. if you don't have enough money to spend- like 39cents- just keep that account in its original country, sign out, and open a new account with a different email for the new country.
to change the language in an account: click 'edit' in the top left corner of the itunes player, then in the pop-up, click 'general'. at the bottom is the language selector.

parental controls- click 'edit' in the top left corner of the itunes player; click on parental control in the pop-up for settings. you can set up an allowance for your kids. this feature allows you to send a monthly iTunes Store credit to a family member (or friend) in an amount from $10 to $50 without a credit card being on their account.

re-downloading purchases:

find missing iTunes downloads:

resume interrupted downloads:

back-up your itunes library onto a cd or dvd:

transfer stuff from your ipod/iphone to your pc: you don't need third party software to do this. it's easy and its free; here are the steps:

back up information stored in your ipod/iphone:

add content to your itunes from a cd or other items in your computer:

ipod "frozen":

sync new songs without deleting other songs on your iPod: open iTunes, Select your iPod in the Source pane. Click the Summary tab. Click "Manually manage music and videos", Click OK then click Apply.

Buy iTunes

MAY 2014: Not accepting new customers at this time. The paypal link below is for the use of returning customers who may contact me at my yahoo email with any questions. As always, your purchase financially helps my efforts to spay, feed, and doctor the stray cats where I live and work. Thank you - Mary. Paypal verified seller since 2003.


Free itunes downloads & Foreign accounts

Music, apps, etc, from foreign iTunes Stores are fully compatible with iPads, pc's, iPhones and iPods from any country. Follow the instructions exactly to open a local or foreign account without a credit card so you can access free or foreign downloads. (To buy priced downloads, you can use an itunes pre-paid card. Itunes cards are coded differently for each country. To use a itunes card code, you must have an account for its specific country.)
1. You'll need an address and phone number for the country you want an account for. Find this with a google search for the name of the desired country (or its city) with the word school, hotel, or church, example: Florida Hotel or London school, etc. Every country has one of these, so use their address and phone number. They won't be contacted; itunes only sends you an email to verify the account. Note: most US states charge tax on itunes purchases; choose Oregon or Florida addresses, they don't charge tax, so you have more money to spend.
2. If you're on a pc, download theitunes player here: If you already have the itunes player, you don't need to download it again - just sign out of your current account. Open the player/store window. Scroll down to the bottom. Click on the flag to choose the country you want an account for. You can also make accounts on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
3. Click on App store, then click on any free app. When it pops up, click 'get app'. When prompted, click 'create a new account'. By choosing a free app, you get the "none" option for credit cards on the payment page. Do select 'none'.
4. You'll need to sign up with an email address that isn't being used for other Apple accounts. It should not have a country identifier attached, like You can get a quick and secure .com email account at
5. Click the link in the activation email from itunes- it may take a few hours to receive. Sign in and the account is activated. You can now download any free items, which vary weekly per country. To buy downloads that are priced, click the redeem link and enter your itunes code for the specific country. 

Below is a link to a website with a big list of free stuff from itunes, new and old. Where their page says subscribe or start now to download- skip that, it's not necessary. Scroll down their page and you'll see the lists and links to free stuff. Where you see little gray buttons with the word itunes, click those. It takes you directly to the Itunes store where the item is available.

paid apps for free: every day in the US itunes store a different paid app (99¢-$4) is temporarily free to download to your iphone, ipad, or android.

Sell Your Song on Itunes

Was it your New Year's resolution last year to record that song?
Don't regret it any longer. New year, another chance! You can have your music placed in the iTunes store in just a few simple steps and available for sale within 2 business days.
If you have the finances, you can hire time at a local studio which can be found in a phone directory. They've got musicians, instruments and mixing/recording machines available with experienced personnel to put together a high quality recording. It can cost several hundred dollars.
If you're on a budget, record at home with a microphone attached to your computer. Use the voice recorder program that is already in your pc. To find it, click 'start' in the lower left corner of your screen; select all programs; click accessories; click sound recorder. If you don't have a mic, then sing into your camcorder or other recording device and upload to your pc. You can make good music with just a guitar or keyboard. Or go a capella.
To make a recording of a popular song or a "cover" song, you'll need legal permission and will have to pay royalties to the writer. This step can be done by searching the title of the song at harryfox. Or get free music and songs to use with the composer's permission at the following sites: incompetech, danosongs, joshwoodward. You can find other resources by web-searching for 'creative commons' music and songs.
Once your recording is completed, it needs to be mixed and mastered for that "radio-ready" sound. To master the recording by layering sounds or removing noise or other editing, you can use an online mixer. It will greatly improve the sound quality of your song and voice, which helps assure that people will enjoy hearing it and sharing it. There are several mixers online for free; here's one I like: audacity.  If you want an expert to do this work for you, many are available at and they can have it done by the next day and it costs only $5!
Now your song is ready to be put in the itunes store. Recording artists are required to submit their work through a publisher with whom iTunes has an established business relationship. It's easy and low-cost. Just upload your songs to the publisher's server and not only will your music be for sale on iTunes, but also Amazon MP3, Zune Marketplace, Rhapsody, eMusic, and others so your profits are multiplied! Itunes pays approximately .66¢ per song sold or $6.60 per album.
Once you're available on iTunes, promote yourself - talk about your song in online forums, Facebook, youtube video, newspapers, fliers, and of course tell family and friends - you know they'll spend a dollar for a download to start you off.
Click here to get in business today with the help of an iTunes music publisher who does not take any of your royalties and your music is available for sale in 2 business days. Accepting artists worldwide, ages 14 and up. Royalties paid monthly. $!
Your song could be a hit - you'll never know unless you try!

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FAQ About My Sales

frequently asked questions:
Do you mail a physical iTunes Gift Card or just email the codes? as a matter of speed and convenience, my customers prefer that i email the code. mailing is too time-consuming for me considering the volume of sales i receive.
Where do you get your supply of cards or codes? i buy US codes from the itunes store online and wait for them to deliver the code to my email. if it takes them too long to deliver or there is an error processing my purchase, then i go to a local shop and buy physical US cards. for other country's cards, i buy them from foreign stores or my customers who live in foreign countries who email me the code.
Explain the prices. for US cards, i have to buy the card at face value and pay paypal fees when sold. non-US cards cost extra depending on how much profit the foreign supplier wants from me. I must sell cards higher to cover their fees and my paypal fees and currency conversion rates.
What if there is an error when redeeming? there should be no error when redeeming unless i mis-typed a letter or number. this happens sometimes when i'm typing sleepy, just email me and i'll look at the card again.
Do you offer refunds? i
do not offer refunds after the code has been redeemed into your account. however, if there is anything suspicious about a transaction, i will cancel the order and no code will be sent.
Will anyone get in trouble? contrary to what the TOS tries to imply, redeeming foreign itunes gift cards is not against any law. It is legally purchased and is used to pay for downloads. Apple only pursues those who 'steal' music by using illegal file sharing networks instead of buying from the itunes store.
Will codes expire in a certain time-frame? there is no expiration - that is always a sign of fraud if the seller says you must redeem within 24 hours or other timeframe.
What about those $50 itunes cards that sell for $20?
also fraud. the seller uses stolen credit cards to buy online certificates from itunes. when the owner of the credit card sees the fraudulent charges, they contact itunes for a refund. Apple can and does trace which account holder redeemed the code. using those codes can get your itunes account suspended. if the fraudulent seller used the credit card to open a paypal account to accept your payment, you'll have to cover the chargeback costs and may have your paypal account suspended.


excerpts from my email inbox.
Thanks Mary! Got it [Japan code] and worked perfectly! I will definitely be using your services again! Lucky - USA
What a godsend you are! Thank you so very much [for a UK code]! Will use your service again when I need it, for sure! -Brandi - USA

Thanks so much. [Australian code] worked perfectly! What a great service you provide. Jim - USA
Hello Mary, All fine with the code you have sent me :) Thanks so much!!! You just made my 7 year old son the happiest person ever (you know angry birds Rio). Your service is top of the range. Christos - Cyprus
Thanks a lot for the fast delivery. Because of you I was able to get those songs and apps which were not available in my country. Mohammad - India
Hey Mary, Thanks once again, you have no idea how grateful I am for the help and its nice to see there are still some honest peeps out there. Chad - South Africa
Awesome. Thanks so much Mary [for the German itunes card]. Can now buy an album that was only available on the German iTunes store !! Thanks, Adrian - USA
dear mary, this is great- managed to get hold of some educational programmes for my kids that were only available on us itunes. and thanks for all the info on how to make a us itunes account. best wishes, caroline - UK

Thanks a lot Mary, it actually worked and I am currently downloading my first ever song from the US itunes, u can't imagine how much this means to me. Alain - Canada
Dear Mary, thank so much for the quick delivery. you have yourself a very satisfied customer and i will be placing more orders very the cat photos. Nikki -Thailand
Thank YOU Mary! For a very quick service. Cheers, Terence -Belgium
Thanks heaps Mary, You rock. :) Cheers Tracie -Australia
mary, u got urself a new and loyal customer ;o) take care. patrick - Germany
Thank you for doing this so quickly. A++++ Service. It worked liked a charm! David - UK

Thank you very much and greetings from Finland! Everything worked great! -Antton
Thank you! Your service is invaluable to us folks living in 3rd world countries (well, that’s how Apple treats us!) cheers, Lisa - Australia
Thanks a lot Mary. I appreciate. Karim - Kuwait
Thanks Mary, great service! Greetings from Ireland, Rob

Thanks so much, Mary! Excited to download some Eurovision songs! :-) Derek - USA [German acct]
Got it and it worked, thanks! Senthil - India
Hello Mary, Thanks for setting up the UK itunes account. I am looking forward to making purchases. Rich - USA
Bless your cotton socks Mary, I now have Tom Tom Australia on my Iphone. Thanks again. Arnold - Thailand

Thank you so much for providing this great service. I'll definitely become a reoccurring customer!--Sincerely, Alexander - Malta
Thanks, I am very happy with the great service you provided!! ;) I will definately buy more! ;) Marcus - Singapore
Thanks Mary, Worked awesome & she will get a kick out of the user name "" very cool, thanks for taking the time to do that for me. Tracy - Canada
Thanks again Mary. Its good to have a safe, legal supplier. Love the cat photos :) Stian - Norway

Hi Mary, Thank you so much - it worked perfectly and I downloaded a few of my favourite TV shows today...FANTASTIC!! Many thanks, Melissa - Australia
Dear Mary, I confirm the validity of the code and will be shopping again soon. Florin - Denmark
Hi Mary, It worked great. Thank you very much! Ciprian - Romania
Thanks Mary, [card] works just fine and you now have a new recurring customer! Danne - Sweden

My kids would like to thank you very much. They are now enjoying the vids for Weird Al's Michael Jackson songs! Bronwyn - New Zealand
Thanks Mary! Worked great. Have a wonderful day :) Dan. - Spain

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